Realtime collaboration with Redux and WebSockets


Typically, when we speak of scale issues, we talk about how to make things work better when given a larger volume of data, and the solutions center around making things bigger and faster. However, there is another type of scale that we encounter, and its problems and solutions look very different.

I make websites for a living. Contrary to popular belief, nothing magical happens when my fingers press down on my keyboard. In a few articles, I explain in normal-people language how I taught my great aunt Bethany to build a website (and how you can, too).

Ich habe genug


Last February, a new friend of mine asked me if I was satisfied with my life. While reflecting on what is “enough,” I discovered what I was really missing.

A New Start


Exactly three years ago, in a fit of unprecedented genius, I embarked on a month-long creative quest. Like most fits of unprecedented genius, it was a colossal failure. I'm not trying to make excuses for what happened next, but I have something I need to confess.